Global Alternatives

Global Alternatives is dedicated to discussing the realities and challenges we face in the age of globalization. Due to the dominance of international corporate interests and the collusion of political elites, much of the world’s populace lives in misery, alienation and conflict while the planet earth is ravaged by imperial wars and an ecological crisis.

This difficult age makes it imperative to discuss alternative approaches, strategies, and visions. In the Americas there is a popular upsurge taking place against the established order. It is erupting on many fronts, assuming diverse political and social forms, providing hope and inspiration for the world at large.

By posting special studies and reports, and by promoting dialogue and research, Global Alternatives intends to contribute to an understanding of the new politics shaking the Americas and to participate in the shaping of an egalitarian and democratic world rooted in the globe’s diverse cultures, societies and alternative economic experiences.