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Clara Inés Nicholls is a Colombian agronomist with a Masters degree on entomology from Chapingo School of Graduate Studies in Mexico and a PhD on biological pest control from the University of California at Davis. Her research centers on the development of biodiverse groecosystems that sponsor biological control of pest populations. She has also worked extensively in Latin America promoting agroecologically-based approaches to agricultural sustainability. She is a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Latin American Studies Teaching Program where she teaches Perspectives for Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America. She also teaches at Santa Clara University, and various universities in Brasil, Spain and Italy. She is the coordinator of the Latin American doctoral program on agroecology and sustainable rural development co-sponsored by the Universidad de Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia) and the Sociedad Cientifica Latinoamericana de Agroecologia (SOCLA). She is the author of numerous scientific articles on biological control and pest management, including the books Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems and Managing Insects on your Farm: Ecological Guidelines

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Control biológico de insectos: Un enfoque agroecológico